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What to Expect

How it Feels

A guided sound bath meditation begins with you cozied up, lying on your yoga mat or massage table, supported with pillows, comfy blankets, bolsters, whatever your body needs to feel most comfortable.


Through guided vocal and instrumental meditation, Jazmine transports you to a place of tranquility, peace, and calm. All you have to do is listen to the music.

A guided sound bath meditation session is a physically, emotionally, and energetically opening and revitalizing experience. You will first feel the pure-tone musical vibrations wash over your body. You may feel a tingling sensation under your skin, as the music massages your internal self. Your pace of breath may soften and steady, you may begin to dream, or even fall fast asleep.

The Benefits

There are numerous holistic benefits from practicing mindfulness and guided sound meditation. Through Jazmine's meditations sessions of music, mantra and sound, attendees have reported feelings of euphoria and total relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, and improved sense of compassion towards others and themselves.