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Please take a moment to review Jazmine's ceremony offerings below. Then, fill out the form to receive more detailed information -or- to reserve your ceremony date and time. Jazmine Amelia is based in San Diego, C.A. and can travel to you.

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Gather your closest friends and family for a heart-warming alternative baby shower celebration, commonly referred to as a Blessingway ceremony. 

While a Mama Blessing Ceremony may gain influence from a Blessingway, a central ceremony of the Navajo ceremonial complex, the two ceremonies are unique unto themselves.

As your Sister of Ceremony, Jazmine opens your Mama Blessing Ceremony through ritual and song. She guides mama and guests through a ceremonial bead and yarn ritual, followed by optional à la carte mama pampering. The ceremony closes with a group poem, guided crystal singing bowl meditation and closing ritual. Mama takes home a custom beaded birthing bracelet/necklace, handcrafted on-site, that she can wear or have near during birthing time.

Officiant Jazmine Amelia blesses a mama's belly during her mama blessing ceremony in San Diego California



Brides today are foregoing the wild and crazy bachelorette parties and opting for celebrations with heart, creativity, and a little rest and relaxation.

Invite Jazmine to curate a whimsical bridal shower ceremony, perfect for the modern bohemian bride.

As your Sister of Ceremony, Jazmine opens your Bride to Be Blessing Ceremony with a fully customized flower crown workshop. Once each guest is adorned with their beautiful flower crown creations, you'll flow into a crystal singing bowl sound bath with guided meditation and close the ceremony with ritual and song.

Option: Many brides-to-be opt to cater brunch/lunch before or after the ceremony.




We were so fortunate to find Jazmine. My only wish was that we had more time with her. She was knowledgeable, with great ideas and options, and was open to making sure the experience was all mine.  She was lovely, kind, and I can't recommend her enough!  

- Mama Jessie

Jazmine's ceremony really got to the heart of what it means to be an amazing magical woman. It gave me courage and pride to give birth to a new baby boy. So spiritually satisfying! I will remember it forever. 

- Mama Amanda


All of my family and friends loved the experience, with many of the ladies claiming it was the "coolest baby shower" they'd ever attended. Jazmine's presence is calm yet fierce, and I highly recommend inviting her to any celebration, if you want to create an intentional, fabulous gathering. I loved it!

- Mama Jackie

Jazmine is a special soul! What a blessing it was to be able to honor this transition from maiden to motherhood in such a connective way and welcome our soon to be baby into the world with so much light and love in the guided presence of Jazmine.

- Mama Kelsey


Jazmine is the best! Every detail was so thoughtfully curated and special. Her ceremony was the most meaningful part of my shower and will forever be imprinted on my heart. I could not have asked for a more powerful way to celebrate with my tribe.

- Mama Yas

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