The 13th rite of the Munay-Ki is The Rite of the Womb. As your Sister of Ceremony, Jazmine will guide attendees through a ritual for releasing fear from the physical and energetic body, in order to welcome in creativity, passion, energy and overflowing abundance.


Attend a scheduled Rite of the Womb ceremony listed on the events page -or- gather friends and family and schedule a private ceremony of your own. All genders benefit from this inclusive ceremony, as it is open to any who feel called to clear their womb space, break free from ancestral patterns, tune-in to their sacral chakra space, and/or mend their personal relationship with the sacred feminine. 


As your Sister of Ceremony, Jazmine will facilitate a time honored ritual known as a Mama Blessing Ceremony for you and your closest confidants. This ceremony is an alternative baby shower idea inspired by the Navajo Blessingway.

It includes a 90-minute ceremony and 30-minute phone consultation with Jazmine, everything needed for the ceremony (crystals, thread, homemade foot soak, essential oils, sage, flowers for mama, pens, notecards), crystals to be gifted to Mama by each guest, and a vintage keepsake box for mama.

Ceremony add-ons include body-safe belly paint -or- organic henna, birth affirmations-banner -or- birth stones, flower crown workshop, and a group sensory sound bath.

Email Jazmine now to inquire about scheduling your Mama Blessing Ceremony, hello@JazmineAmelia.com


There are countless reasons you may feel your house needs blessing, clearing, cleansing. Maybe you just moved into a new home and want a fresh start, maybe you're looking to start a new project but the energy in your home has you feeling a little unmotivated, or maybe the residual energy from a recent stressful event is weighing you down. Whatever the reason, a House Blessing can be a fantastic way to clear the air in your sacred space, thus ushering in light, clarity, ease, flow, and peace, creating grounded space for new beginnings. 

Jazmine's house blessing ceremonies incorporate ritual, herbs, sound healing, and spoken word, tools which clear the air for a high-vibrational ceremony.

30 minutes, starting at $30