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Balance is not something you find,

it's something you create.

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Charkra Meditation

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This FREE 14-day reset is for anyone feeling anxious and uncertain with the here and now and times ahead. For those feeling anxious for no reason AND all the reasons. For anyone wanting to hide from it all, and yet missing the feeling of community and connection. For those that know that healing the outer world starts within. For anyone who has heard of the Law of Attraction. And the many now interested in sound healing and the powerful effects of sound vibration on the body and in the mind. For anyone new to mantra and sound baths AND those who have been practicing for years. EVERYONE is invited to participate, share, observe, hold space, and LOVE, during this 2-week journey of raising our vibration.

What's Included?

✦ Opening Ceremony via Zoom on Mon. April 13th at 7 pm

Mantra PDF & Tutorial

Seven (7) Mini Sound Bath Morning Reset Recordings

Daily Vibe Reset Email : includes a daily video & practice, resources, downloads

✦ A special invitation to join our High Vibes online community, where we'll keep each other ♡ accountable ♡

We'll raise our vibration through a wide range of topics: from mantra, beauty, and crystals - to- high frequency foods, breathwork, and high frequency music.

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I hope to see you April 13st!

with love,