This is a vibrational sound ceremony held in a private setting. Jazmine will travel to you, intuit the collective needs of the group and deliver a visionary guided meditation followed by a multi-sensory sound bath. In the sound bath, she uses a blend of instruments including crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks, chimes and her voice to elicit a state of total relaxation. This private sound bath meditation is for those looking to rest, reset and restore both their physical and energetic body. 

This sound ceremony is fully customizable for groups of any size.

90 minutes, starting at $400


This sound and reiki balancing session is designed for those looking for a vibrational reset. Jazmine grounds, centers, and clears emotional disturbances in your energetic fields, using gentle sound healing and reiki techniques. She begins each session with brief conversation, which clues her in to your current mental and emotional state. Then she flows into balancing the chakras using sound healing tools such as tuning forks, drums, drones and her voice. Reiki is woven throughout.

Many add this sound session to their monthly self-care practice to release past traumas, anxiety, pain, and stifled emotions.


This is a healing ceremony for women seeking to connect more deeply with their womb-space. Based on what details are shared in a brief initial conversation with Jazmine, she will perform a womb activation ceremony using sacred instruments like the harmonium, crystal singing bowls and her voice. She will add in ritual, reiki, scent and taste to stabilize emotions stored in the womb. Learn tools to use in a home practice to keep your womb-space sacral chakra fluid, clear and centered.


As your womb-space is also your creative power center, this intimate sound activation ceremony is perfect for pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum alike, whether calling in baby, business or new beginnings.

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