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Mentorship and Certification Program

Are you ready to become a capable, confident and profitable Sound Healer?

You're in the right place my friend. In this 3-Month Sound Healer Mentorship & Certification Program, you will learn how to break away from the 9-5 and create space for more flexibility and freedom in your life!

Crystal Singing Bowls with Jazmine Amelia


Over the last decade I've slowly edged out of the 9-5 grind and have built a thriving sound healing practice that keeps my heart full, forges a healing connection with those I serve and allows me space to travel - play with crystals - and do things I love.

I once felt like an itty bitty fish in a big 'ol sea and If you're a dreamer, you understand that magical moment when a glimmer of hope and direction presents itself. Taking that leap of faith, trusting each step in the process to serve your highest good, is what sets dreamers like us apart.

Investing in myself and in my practice has expanded my offerings and amplified the impact of my sessions beyond my wildest imagination. Now, I'm eager for you to experience the same profound transformation. Join me on this exploration into the expansive world of sound healing. Imagine the possibilities that await you.

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The Sound Bath Mastery School

A 3-Month Sound Healer Mentorship & Certification Program to help you get out there performing sound baths with confidence, guiding ceremonies and making income doing something you love!

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What's Included In The Training

The Sound Bath Mastery School - Sound Healing Mentorship & Certification 

WAITLIST NOW for the MAY - JULY 2024 Session

16 MENTORSHIP HOURS IN-PERSON: At a Private Location in Encinitas, CA.

OVER 20 HOURS OF ON-DEMAND TRAINING VIDEOS: Following our two in-person training dates together, you'll gain flexibility and convenience with access to a diverse range of instructional videos created by yours truly, allowing you to learn even more at your own pace and revisit key concepts whenever needed.

MONTHLY ZOOM OFFICE HOURS WITH JAZMINE: Engage in lively discussions, Q&A sessions, and community support during our three, 2 hour monthly group calls (Saturday March 16th 2024, Saturday, April 20th 2024 and Saturday May 4th 2024), led by me personally. These sessions are invaluable for ongoing growth and learning from collective experiences. You'll get to ask all your burning questions and also have the opportunity to send me questions beforehand for Super answers :-) These sessions will be recorded, just incase you can't attend.

ROBUST TRAINING MANUAL: Receive a comprehensive, detailed manual serving as a rich resource for reference and deeper understanding, covering every aspect of our sound healing training modules.

BONUS VIDEOS COVERING ESSENTIAL TOPICS: Explore bonus videos on diverse subjects such as meditation script writing, hosting ceremonies, and even practical guidance on bookkeeping and taxes for sound healers—essential skills to excel in your practice. Some of the Bonus videos feature VIP guests, definitely information you're not going to want to miss out on!

A 1:1 ZOOM MENTORSHIP SESSION WITH JAZMINE: Experience personalized guidance and tailored support during a private 60 minute mentoring session (Value $500), where we can focus on your specific sound healing goals, challenges and needs.


PLAY WITH JAZMINE DURING A PUBLIC SOUND BATH: Get real-life experience playing a public sound bath alongside me. Join me for a full experience. Shadow and help set-up for a sound bath, play crystal singing bowls with me during the sound bath, and help close out the evening.


MARKETING & BUSINESS PRACTICES: Learn how to market, build and sell your sound healing business. I've carefully crafted videos and modules to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to excel and market yourself as a Sound Healer.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Join a supportive and enthusiastic community of healers, musicians, artists, and seekers on a similar path as you (Private Instagram group is optional to join).

PERFORMANCE REFERRALS: Jazmine receives requests to book sound bath sessions daily. She often has to turn business away. Those who complete their certification will be added to Jazmine's preferred sound healer list, and will be referred out as 'Trusted Sound Healers' and graduates of the Sound Bath Mastery School.

GRADUATION CALL WITH JAZMINE: We'll host a 2.5 hour graduation zoom call on Friday, May 10th, 2024 to close out your mentorship, send you your certificate of completion and answer any remaining questions you may have. 

What's Required To Graduate




You will be required to guide 5 hours of private 1:1 sound baths and 5 hours of group sound baths.

You will be required to observe 5 hours of sound baths performed by another sound healer.

You will be required to attend 5 hours of sound baths as an attendee.

Jazmine Amelia Sound Bath San Diego Events

Hi, I'm Jazmine Amelia

Jazmine Amelia Sound Healer San Diego

I'm a San Diego-based Sound Healer and traditional Usui Reiki master whose sound baths and ceremonies have garnered the attention of major brands such as Google, DC Comics, Beyond Van Gogh, Bravo TV, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

For over a decade, I've guided thousands of souls through sound and ceremony.  I've been teaching sound healing since 2016. I'm a busy Aries Sun, Aries Moon, and Leo Rising who is passionate about travel and my black Labradoodle, Chloe.

Watch Me On The Real Housewives Of BH

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sound Bath Jazmine Amelia





Are you interested in the training but have a few questions before signing up? ♡ Ask Jazmine directly by sending her an email at

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn

Jazmine 2023-6.jpg

The Science, History & Evolution of Sound Healing

Sound Baths may seem like the latest and greatest in the world of energy healing, spirituality and alternative healing modalities, but it's actually an ancient practice that's been around for thousands of years. Learn how sound and vibration has evolved as a healing modality throughout the ages and the cutting edge science of today helping to legitimize the power of the use of sound for health and vitality.


Energy Healing, Chakras & the Nervous System

- Develop a basic understanding of energy healing.

- Learn the foundations of the chakras and how to activate or balance them during a sound bath session.

- Voice training with the Bija Mantras.

- Learn the science behind the connection of our nervous system and sound healing.

Sound Bath Practitioner Training with Jazmine Amelia in San Diego California
Master Sound Bath Practitioner Jazmine Amelia in San Diego California plays a crystal singing bowl

How to Play Sound Bath Instruments

- Learn the basics of music theory.

- Learn how to make your perfect crystal singing bowl set.
- Learn about Jazmine's favorite crystal singing bowl combinations.

- Learn the basics of how to play crystal singing bowls, gongs, the buffalo drum, chimes and tuning forks.

- Develop your voice and learn how to chant mantras to add to your sound bath sessions.

- Learn how to play these instruments for your personal practice, for friends and for clients.


The Art of Facilitating Sound Bath Sessions

- Learn how to guide group sound baths

- Learn Jazmine's group sound bath session blueprint and the components of a successful sound bath.

- Learn the basics of a 1:1 private sound bath session.

- Learn how to play for yourself.

- Practice guiding meditations.

- Learn best practices when gathering groups of people.

- Create memorable sound bath events.

The Art of Facilitating Sound Bath Sessions by Jazmine Amelia in San Diego
Sound Bath Practitioner Training with Jazmine Amelia in San Diego California

Marketing & Determining Your Unique Brand Frequency

- Gain a basic understanding of sound bath marketing practices in an online world.

- Learn how to determine the vibe or frequency of your offerings and branding.

- Self development exercises to strengthen your connection to your unique vibration.

- Learn three simple ways to build a sound bath practice from scratch.


The Business Side of Sound Baths

This often overlooked component of Sound Baths and energy healing is très important in today's day and age. Jazmine will briefly cover some legal, ethical and professional standards and issues that may help you along your journey to becoming a reputable Sound Bath Practitioner. (please note: The information Jazmine shares in this portion of training does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or financial advice; instead, all information, content, and materials shared by Jazmine are for general informational purposes only.)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sound Bath Jazmine Amelia
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